Future Continuous Tense

The future continuous tense is used to talk about actions that will be in progress in the future.
It is formed with the auxiliary verb “will” + “be” + the “-ing” form of the verb.

Positive: subject + will + be + verb-ing
Negative: subject + will not + be + verb-ing
Question: Will + subject + be + verb-ing

Common uses:

1. Actions that will be in progress at a particular time in the future

  • I will be studying at 8 pm tomorrow.
  • They won’t be travelling abroad next month.
  • Will you be attending the party tomorrow evening?

2. Actions that will be in progress at the same time in the future

  • I will be sleeping while you are studying.
  • They won’t be watching TV while we are reading.
  • Will they be shopping while we are having lunch?

3. Polite inquiries about someone’s plans for the future

  • Will you be visiting your grandparents during the holidays?
  • Won’t you be joining us for dinner?
  • Will he be attending the conference?

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