Second Conditional

The second conditional is used to talk about hypothetical or unreal situations in the present or future.
It’s also used for polite requests or suggestions.

Positive: If + subject + past simple, subject + would + infinitive
Negative: If + subject + past simple, subject + would not + infinitive
Question: Would + subject + infinitive + if + subject + past simple?

Common uses:

1. Hypothetical situations or possibilities

  • If I had a million dollars, I would buy a house.
  • If the weather was better, I wouldn’t need an umbrella.
  • Would you travel to space if you had the chance?

2. Present or future realities

  • If I had a car, I would drive to work.
  • If I was on holiday, I wouldn’t wake up early.
  • Would you go to the beach if the weather was nice?

3. Polite requests or suggestions

  • If she had the time, she would be advised to study.
  • If I wanted to save some money, I wouldn’t buy that car.
  • Would you mind if you passed me the salt, please?

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