Question Words

Question Words

Question words, also known as Wh-questions, are special words that we use to ask for specific information.
They help us find information about people, things, actions, places, time, and reasons. 
These words are called Wh-questions because they often start with the letters “Wh”:

Who, What, Where, When, Why, How

  1. “Who” is used to ask about a person or people when we want to learn more about them:
    Who is your best friend?”, “Who won the game?”
  1. “What” is used to ask about things, objects, or activities:
    What is your favourite colour?”, “What are you doing this weekend?”
  1. “Where” is used to ask about a place or the location of something:
    Where is the nearest petrol station?”, “Where did you go on vacation?”
  1. “When” is used to ask about dates or the specific moment that something has happened or will happen:
    When are we going to leave?”, “When did you graduate from university?”
  1. “Why” is the question word used if we want to understand the reason behind something:
    Why did you choose that book?”, “Why is she laughing?” “Why is the sky blue?”
  1. “How” is the question word that does not start with the letters “Wh”. It is included in this group because it is commonly used to ask about the way in which something is done or the state or condition of something:
    How do you make the perfect pizza?”, “How are you feeling today?”

Question words are used to ask for specific details about things and can help us to communicate more effectively, especially when we are speaking.

Question Asking About Example


A person or people

Who is your best friend?

Things or activities

What team do you support?


Where are you from?

Dates and time

When are you leaving?

The reason behind something

Why did you go to Japan?

The way things operate

How does it work?

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