Opinion Essay

To write an effective EmSAT opinion essay, you should follow these steps:

  1. Analyze the question: Read the essay question carefully and underline the keywords to understand what is being asked. Identify the topic and the main issues to be discussed.
  2. Plan your essay: Make an outline or a plan for your essay. This should include an introduction, main body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Decide on the main points that you want to make and think about the evidence and examples that you can use to support your arguments.
  3. Write the introduction: In the introduction, state your opinion clearly and give some background information about the topic. Try to make the introduction interesting and engaging to capture the reader’s attention.
  4. Develop your arguments: Use the main body paragraphs to develop your arguments and provide evidence to support your opinion. Each paragraph should have a clear topic sentence that relates back to the main argument.
  5. Use linking words and phrases: Use linking words and phrases to connect your arguments and to make your essay flow logically. This will help the reader to follow your ideas more easily.
  6. Write the conclusion: In the conclusion, summarize your main points and restate your opinion. Avoid introducing any new information in the conclusion.
  7. Edit and proofread: Check your essay for any errors in spelling, grammar, or punctuation. Make sure that your sentences are clear and well-structured.

By following these steps, you can write an effective EmSAT opinion essay that demonstrates your ability to express your opinion clearly and support it with evidence and examples.

Example Question and Essay 

Some people believe that petrol cars should be banned in the near future.
Do you agree or disagree? 

The use of petrol cars has been a common practice for over a century, but with the emergence of electric cars and the need to combat climate change, it is high time that we ban petrol cars. While some may argue that it is an extreme measure, I believe that the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks.

Firstly, petrol cars are a major contributor to air pollution, which has detrimental effects on our health and the environment. The exhaust fumes from petrol cars contain harmful pollutants such as carbon monoxide, which can cause respiratory problems and other health issues. By banning petrol cars, we can significantly reduce air pollution and create a cleaner and healthier environment for everyone.

Secondly, petrol cars are a major source of greenhouse gas emissions, which contribute to climate change. Electric cars, on the other hand, produce zero emissions and are a much cleaner and more sustainable option. By banning petrol cars, we can reduce our carbon footprint and take steps towards achieving our climate goals.

Moreover, the technology for electric cars has improved significantly over the years, and they are now more affordable and have a longer range than ever before. With the right incentives and infrastructure, we can encourage more people to switch to electric cars and make them a viable alternative to petrol cars.

In conclusion, banning petrol cars is a necessary step towards creating a cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable future. By phasing out petrol cars and promoting electric cars, we can reduce air pollution, combat climate change, and create a better world for ourselves and future generations.

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