LPE004 Cloze Reading

Section 4: Cloze Reading

Drag and drop the correct words to complete the text. There is 1 extra word you do not need.

Dubai is one of the most travel destinations in the Middle East, known for its iconic mix of cutting-edge glitz and traditional found in its souks and cafes. The best —and most popular— time to visit Dubai is from November to March when temperatures are pleasant and outdoor activities abound. Summer get a bad rap because of the heat, but Chef Kelvin Cheung, chef and partner at Jun’s, finds joy in both seasons. “During the winter months, my son and I up and build sandcastles in the sun, while in the summer we jump in Jacuzzi-temperature waters in the early morning or late evenings, searching for sea creatures.”

(Excerpt from ‘The Best Times to Visit Dubai for Beautiful Weather, Lower Prices, and Fewer Crowds’, travelandleisure.com, 2023)

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