LPE006 Paragraph Builder

Section 6: Paragraph Builder

Questions 1 – 2: Drag and drop the correct sentences to complete each text. Use all the sentences for each question.

Speaker A: Did you see the news about that hurricane hitting the coast?

Speaker B:

Speaker A :

Speaker B:

Speaker A:

Speaker B :

Absolutely, we should prioritize sustainable practices to mitigate these effects.Climate change might be a factor in their increasing intensity.I can't believe how powerful these storms are becoming.Yes, it's causing massive flooding and evacuations.That's really concerning, we need to take environmental issues more seriously.

In response, the British Parliament passed the Coercive Act, intensifying the conflict.The Boston Tea Party of 1773 exemplified this frustration, with colonists dressed as Native Americans dumping British tea into the harbor.Amidst the tension of the American Revolution, colonial discontent grew as taxes burdened the settlers.This led to the convening of the First Continental Congress, where colonial leaders convened to discuss their grievances and seek a resolution with the British Crown.
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