Prepositions are used in English grammar to indicate the relationship between different words in a sentence.
They can be categorized based on their relationships between nouns, pronouns, and other parts of a sentence.
Here are some of the main categories of prepositions:

Prepositions of place: These prepositions show the location or position of something in relation to something else. Examples include: in, on, at, under, above, below, beside, behind, and in front of.

Example: The book is on the table.

Prepositions of time: These prepositions show the time or duration of an action or event. Examples include: in, on, at, during, for, since, until, and by.

Example: She will arrive at 9 pm.

Prepositions of movement: These prepositions show the direction or movement of something or someone. Examples include: to, from, into, out of, up, down, across, through, along, and over.

Example: He walked across the bridge.

Prepositions of manner: These prepositions show how something is done or the way in which something happens. Examples include: like, as, by, and with.

Example: She sings like an angel.

Prepositions of reason: These prepositions show the cause or reason for something. Examples include: because of, due to, and owing to.

Example: The game was cancelled due to bad weather.

These are some of the main categories of prepositions, but there are many more.

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