SPE005 Cloze Reading

Section 4: Cloze Reading

Drag and drop the correct words to complete the text. There is 1 extra word you do not need.

While it’s a holiday destination year-round, deciding on the best time to visit Sri Lanka can depend on factors, from the areas you plan to visit to the activities you want to enjoy. The country’s position in the Indian Ocean means it experiences several different weather systems, so travellers seeking sunny climes should be able to find what they are looking for at most times of year. Sri Lanka’s is tropical, which means it experiences distinct wet and dry seasons. However, stay hot and humid throughout the year and, even during rainy season, there is often still a good amount of sunshine day, especially in the country’s coastal areas.

(Excerpt from ‘When is the best time to visit Sri Lanka?’, cntravellerme.com, 2023)

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